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Dr. Zoua Yang, Pharm D

Experienced and trustworthy. 

Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Wisconsin Madison

Licensed Register Pharmacist

Specialized in Women Health

Certified Immunizer

Certified Point of Care of Testing

13 Years of Management Experience


Company Overview

A Healthy Life

Wausau Family Pharmacy focuses on the gap that other pharmacies in the area cannot provide for their patients due to time, resources and or other reasons.   As a pharmacy manager for more than 10 years in large chain pharmacies located in Central Wisconsin, I have identified opportunities in our community that larger pharmacies simply cannot address.  The city of Wausau composes of greater than 9,000 Southeast Asian Residents-the highest capita per Southeast Asian population in the state of Wisconsin.  This presents the greatest opportunity in Wisconsin to provide for this group-- where culture and language barriers are issues.  Furthermore, the pandemic has caused many local pharmacies to reduce hours, staff and or even close; as a result, our communities’ health is at stake.  Wausau Family Pharmacy focuses on closing these gaps by focusing on the highest risk patients in our community through personalized medication therapy management (MTM).

MTM services focus’ on an individual patient’s medication regimen.  We provide comprehensive medication reviews (CMR) for high-risk patients to identify health gaps.  We work in conjunction with their providers to resolve these gaps.  Examples of gap intervention include transitioning into a more cost-effective medication, appropriate dose adjustments, patient medication education, recommending adding or discontinuing medications by disease state guidelines.  In conclusion, we work for the community, in conjunction with their medical team, to help fill the health care gaps to improve the quality of life for our patients. 

Company Summary: Wausau Family Pharmacy provides personalized medication therapy management for all patients in the community with a focus on those who are at high risk.  Medication therapy management, or MTM, encompasses services to optimize therapeutic outcomes for individual patients.  Our focus is to make sure that the right medication is provided to the right patient at the right time in the right way.

Mission Statement: To provide high individual quality care, in a professional inviting environment, in order to close health gaps for our community. 

Company History: The company was founded as a result of a minority health care professional, who genuinely cares about the community she grew up in, and how she can improve the community during the COVID pandemic. 

Location: 630 S. 3rd Ave. Wausau, WI 54401

Markets, Products and Services: Individual medication therapy management, prescription medications, over the counter medication, medical supplies, basic medication compounding services, specialty medication services, patient education, Oral Contraceptive prescribing, immunizations and counseling services.

Collaborating Physician

Dr. Salam Syed, MD

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